Location:  Toronto, ON

Size:       2,500 sq. ft.

Status:      Complete

Project Team:   Lance Kaprielian, Andy Verhiel, Lee Photavath

The  Trade Commission of Colombia focuses their efforts on fashion  and tourism, and required a new office that would accommodate both their day to day work and special events.

The main entrance area is an open waiting gallery which serves as a reception and gallery for the Commission’s collection of large artwork and collages. This space opens directly onto the boardroom through full height rolling doors, which allow the two rooms to be either fully separated, or combined into a single large bright, space for larger presentations and receptions.

The offices are arranged around a ‘courtyard’ or ‘plaza’ which eliminates the sense of a corridor and instead becomes a place of informal meetings and discussion. The space is characterised by a wall of shelving and a dramatic red floating ceiling which distinguishes it as distinct and unique.