Location:  Toronto, ON

Size:       4,000 sq. ft.

Status:   Complete

Project Team:   Lance Kaprielian, Andy Verhiel


Built on the foundations of an existing house this project created a light-filled home open to the forested landscape around it, which also serves as the container for an extensive art collection. 

This house is sensitive to the residential context in its use of natural materials such as Owen Sound ledge rock and Ontario cedar. Its scale and massing reflect the adjacent homes in size and layout. With the use of terraces, planter boxes and garden trellis the home is seamlessly integrated into the topography.  A sustainable environment was achieved thru the use of indigenous planting. Much of the existing house was kept to reduce the amount of waste.

The design utilizes innovative mechanical systems, smart wall assemblies and is planned to take advantage of cross ventilation and natural heating and cooling solutions.  This house uses sloped roofs which direct water flow to garden beds instead of the storm water system, thus minimizing the impact on the ravine.

To promote a healthy living environment building materials were selected that have low VOC emissions and that are mould resistant.